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Maintaining the health of one’s wavy, curly, coily, or kinky hair is a challenging and time-consuming process. Given the intimidatingly-expansive number of content creators, products, articles, videos, lists, and instructions, curly-haired individuals are forced to scour seas of irrelevant information to find advice for their specific needs. Further, access to in-person curly-hair advice is extremely financially limiting (as curly-hair specialists/salons are often far more expensive than their straight-haired counterparts) and dependent upon the individual’s location (as many curly-hair professionals are primarily located in urban areas). As such, there is a definite void in app stores for a platform which aims to educate, assist, and uplift curly-haired individuals with information that the user can trust.

In this project, I aimed to fill this void with a mobile application prototype: Frizz.

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