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Our Choice

I spent my Spring 2022 semester studying abroad in Luxembourg and working a full-time internship with  Our Choice: a sustainable, digital-first fashion company which aims to create the first fully-transparent marketplace for circular goods. My primary responsibilities consisted of maintaining OC’s social media accounts, (from designing graphics, taking photos, and writing captions to answering comments and maintaining a frequent presence) assisting with events, (helping to plan, reaching out to event coordinators, setting up displays, attending events, coordinating with photographers, and posting on social media) and creating a clickable prototype of the future OC marketplace app (drafting wireframes, designing a new brand identity, illustrating, copywriting, and creating a clickable prototype in Figma).

Spring Shoes Ad - Copy.png
Cardholder Ad typo fixed.png
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oc_story-highlights_icons_Behind the Scenes copy - Copy.png
oc-worldwide_Our Choice - Worldwide! - Copy.png
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oc_story-highlights_icons_Launch - Copy.png
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